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Position TitleJob NumberJob DescriptionPay Scale
LIBRARY SOFTWARE & MEDIA SPECIALIST, One full-time position, 12 months/yr.CaTS/LibSoftMed-1/4/19


  1. This is a specialized position in a school district responsible for providing technical design support for digital library systems by utilizing information management technology as well as library standards and protocols.  Work involves cataloging and organizing digital content within universal media science standards and ensuring the system functions at its maximum capacity.  The employee reports directly to and works under the general supervision of an administrative level employee.  Does related work as required.
  2. Work with BOCES departments to design and implement the best SharePoint solution/tools for their staff, including designing sites, processes, templates, and security.

TYPICAL DUTIES:           

  1. Library Automation
    • Install, upgrade, manage, and troubleshoot library/asset software on 10 district servers; act as help desk for that software for our 50 school libraries
    • Should that software or the server fail, the district is responsible for building a new sever and I am responsible for getting the software installed with backup data,  configuration settings, and updated transactions
    • In anticipation of new software releases, verify that the servers meet minimal compliance; if not, ask the district to upgrade the server(s) to become compliant; periodically check to be sure districts are making good backups
    • With each new software release, test and share with our customers information about any changes and help them to utilize new features
    • Work with districts to design the best use of asset software for their district
    • Request from our districts that specific student data be placed on the servers, map that data into the application, set up automatic nightly uploads, and monitor the data imports that result; when districts request patron data be added to the software (e.g. faculty, insurance payments), work with them to get that data configured and loading correctly; troubleshoot any patron problems
    • Stay abreast of library RDA and MARC cataloging standards, sharing changes and assisting our librarians with cataloging their materials; help customers edit and maintain their records especially global changes or changes that require specialized cataloging software that we maintain and use (e.g. MARC Edit and Mitinet); enhance and update all library records annually (Mitinet)
    • Help libraries create bookroom database within but separated from their library database.
    • Convert Excel (csv or tab delimited) to MARC format, in order to create book room or equipment records that can be uploaded into the library database.
    • Collect and share library data for a union catalog twice each year
    • Write custom instructions and create custom videos as part of training customers to use their software effectively
    • Create custom reports for customers
    • Troubleshoot connection issues
    • Order, configure and troubleshoot local receipt printers and laser scanners
    • Research and share library automation and software trends to help our customers stay technically current in their field
    • Stay abreast of general school library trends because to be able to truly support our customers, we have to understand not only the software they use but what it is they do and how their jobs are always changing
    • When appropriate, move customers to new software, designing the transition process, and acting as project management to ensure a smooth transition
    • Attend and give classes as needed 
  2. SharePoint
    • Work with BOCES departments to design and implement the best SharePoint solution/tools for their staff, including designing sites, processes, templates, and security
    • Learn from departments how they currently work and show them ways they can streamline that process using online tools
    • Show staff the best way to file and archive materials to take advantage of digital processes (e.g. using metadata instead of folders)
    • Develop and test new ways to use SharePoint to make working online efficient (a lot of R & D)
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