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Job Opening Information IP - TEACHERS (Substitutes)- Westside Academy

Job Number
IP/SUB TCHRS-9/21/20

Position Title
IP - TEACHERS (Substitutes)- Westside Academy
Required Application Type
Teacher / Admin
Salary/Pay Scale
Salary - Based on Board Approved rates
Job Description

The Substitute Classroom Teacher is responsible for maintaining the classroom instruction and a daily basis with fidelity.


  1. Carry out instructional activities per the substitute plans.
  2. Manage the classroom with student behaviors and needs.
  3. Collaborate with the staff in the classroom to help the students have a successful day.
  4. Come prepared with instructional activities in the event that substitute plans are not available.
Job Qualifications

Experience:                 Prior teaching experience preferred


Education:                   New York State Certification

Application Procedure

Please apply online at:

Please refer to above Required Application Type to complete before applying.

Job Category
Job Location
District Wide

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