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Job Opening Information CTE WORK-BASED LEARNING COORDINATOR, Full-time position/10 months/yr.

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CTE WORK-BASED LEARNING COORDINATOR, Full-time position/10 months/yr.
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Teacher / Admin
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According to Teachers' Contract
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Facilitate work-based learning opportunities for students across the CTE Department. Develop and infuse work-based learning (WBL) curriculum into CTE classes.


  1. Collaborate and be part of outreach planning and activities for the CTE department.
  1. Partner with teachers to prepare students for employment and work-based learning (WBL) experiences.
  1. Support programs in areas of WBL, advisory team membership and post-secondary options as a member of an internal team.
  1. Conduct student class presentations and individual meetings regarding requirements/assessments for employment, shadowing and internships (paid and non-paid), as part of the student’s educational experience.
  1. Gather, organize and disseminate written information regarding WBL activities and program data and present to varied audiences: i.e., school districts, Board of Education, State Education Department, etc.
  1. Develop and facilitate partnership linkages with regional business/industry to assure continued work experiences and opportunities.
  1. Conduct work site audits of WBL experiences and assessment of student’s achievement toward meeting course standards.
  1. Support related classroom instruction portions of work-based learning per the 2017 WBL manual.
  1. Keep and maintain required records concerning wages, attendance, work habits/performance and employability profiles of students.
  1. Document and assist teachers in documenting work-based learning hours for students.
  1. Develop and coordinate grants for career exploration and program enhancement.
  1. Assist the Executive Principal and/or CTE Administration in identifying new and emerging career opportunities and assessment of existing program offerings.
  1. Perform additional duties as requested by the Executive Principal or CTE Administration.
Job Qualifications

Permanent/Professional New York State Teaching Certification: Coordinator of Work-Based Learning Programs for Career Development (Extension 8982).


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Please apply online at:

Please refer to above Required Application Type to complete before applying.


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