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Job Opening Information STUDENT BEHAVIORAL ASSISTANT - Intro to Construction Trades, Full-time position, 10 months/yr.

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STUDENT BEHAVIORAL ASSISTANT - Intro to Construction Trades, Full-time position, 10 months/yr.
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This is a direct care position involving supervision and observation of students enrolled in the class.  The Student Behavioral Assistant acts independently and as a team member in supervising, directing, counseling and instructing students in planned/unplanned instructional activities.


  1. Monitor student behavior and re-enforce appropriate behavior within the classroom and during all work based learning experiences. 
  2. Implement student BIP’s and complete tracking forms as necessary. 
  3. Assists students with the implementation of appropriate coping and resolution skills. 
  4. Assists with de-escalation of students by providing support to individual students. 
  5. Provide instructional support and supervision to individuals and small groups to assure learning and skill reinforcement. 
  6. Provide feedback to teacher in planning for instructional, social-emotional and career needs of students. 
  7. Provide students with assessment and/or feedback on a daily basis. 
  8. Provides daily supervision to students upon arrival and dismissal. 
  9. Provide supervision in the teacher’s absence. 
  10. Drive a BOCES vehicle as needed. 
  11. Assist with record keeping and organization of student materials/files.   
  12. All others duties as identified by CTE administration. 


Candidates must be flexible, patient, and physically/emotionally able to handle confrontational situations with students without personalizing these events.  The candidates will also need to be resilient to dealing with sudden, explosive crises that may cause deviations from work plans and schedules. Candidates must also have industry experience/expertise aligned to the content taught in the assigned services and trades classroom.

Civil Service Title
Student Behavioral Assistant (Non-Competitive)
Job Qualifications

Must possess or meet requirements for Civil Service title of Student Behavioral Assistant. 

Experience:  Two (2) years of full-time paid or the part-time equivalent experience involving the supervision, counseling or instruction of children in a school facility, institution or agency devoted to the care, education, rehabilitation or detention of children AND Minimum two years industry experience related to assigned Services and Trades Course 


Education:  Graduation from a regionally accredited or New York State registered college or university with an Associate’s degree or completion of 60 credit hours;


 Any equivalent combination of training and experience as defined above.

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Please apply online at:

Please refer to above Required Application Type to complete before applying.

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