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SE-TEACHER - INTEGRATED PRESCHOOL, Anticipated Part-Time to Full-Time positions
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Responsible for developing and implementing an instructional program designed to address the cognitive, social, motor and language goals of students with special needs enrolled in an integrated classroom setting.  The integrated classroom has both students with and without special needs enrolled and is located in a day care center or nursery school in the community.


  1. Establish and implement instructional objectives and units of instruction designed to meet the needs of the students assigned to them.  These must be consistent with goals and objectives presented in the Individualized Educational Plan (IEP).
  2. Monitor and report to the administration, parents, and Committee on Preschool Special Education the individual progress of all students enrolled the special education classes. This includes progress reports as well as achievement and diagnostic educational evaluations.
  3. Participate in staffs, parent conferences and annual review meetings of students and participate in educational planning.
  4. Direct the activities of program aides and make semi-annual recommendations to the Special Education Supervisor.
  5. Direct the participation of volunteers and student teachers in the classrooms.

  6. Participate in all meetings scheduled by the Supervisor.

  7. Perform all classroom clerical duties such as maintenance of cumulative folders and attendance records and completion of all forms as directed by the Special Education Department. 

  8. Perform such other professional duties as may be assigned by the Special Education Supervisor.


Job Qualifications

NYS certification in Special Education.  Preschool teaching experience preferred.

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Please apply online at:

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