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Job Opening Information EXTENDED SCHOOL YEAR PROGRAM (Summer 2022) - Teacher Aides

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EXTENDED SCHOOL YEAR PROGRAM (Summer 2022) - Teacher Aides
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School Related Personnel
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According to Board Approved Range
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Orientation (New Staff Only):  July 6, 2022  /  Orientation (All Staff): July 7, 2022     

Program Dates:  July 11, 2022 - August 19, 2022

The Teacher Aide assists the teacher in the classroom and works with students either individually or in groups and attends to the special needs of children.


  1. Assist the teacher with record keeping, filing, etc. 
  2. Assist in preparing and using instructional materials under the supervision of the classroom teacher. 
  3. Attend to the physical needs of children, i.e., toileting, transferring from wheelchair to floor or other pieces of equipment, help them on/off the bus etc. 
  4. Supervise students while they are doing school work and involved in non-instructional activity. 
  5. Communicate with students clearly and efficiently in reinforcing teacher direction or clarifying instructions. 
  6. Respond quickly and accurately to sensory information gleaned from the room as part of the classroom team, i.e., teacher directions, student verbal responses, student bolting from the room, information heard on the PA system, cries for help, etc. 
  7. Be able to lift 30 pounds, walk to and from classes, and raise from/lower to the floor as needed for classroom activities. 
  8. Perform such other related additional services as may be assigned by the teacher or the Administration.
Civil Service Title
Teacher Aide (Non-Competitive)
Job Qualifications

High School Diploma and one year of experience working with students or one year of clerical experience or a combination of same.

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Please apply online at:

Please refer to above Required Application Type to complete before applying.

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