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Job Opening Information CTE Instructional Specialist, Math, F-T position, 10 months/yr.

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CTE Instructional Specialist, Math, F-T position, 10 months/yr.
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Teacher / Admin
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According to Teachers' Contract
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To develop, facilitate and oversee staff development; design or assist teachers in designing curriculum; assist with academic integration, CFM curriculum and industry alignment of math skills.


  1. Work with CTE teachers to design, maintain, and implement curriculum to support embedded math skills, academic integration and remediation, as well as industry alignment
  2. Provide instructional coaching (including, but not limited to co-planning/teaching, direct instruction, etc.) to CTE teachers to assist with both math integration and remediation, as well as high quality instruction
  3. Assist with curriculum, resources and materials for the financial management portion of the CFM modules
  4. Deliver individual and group staff development aligned to Next Generation Learning Standards, math instruction and best practices
  5. Plan and participate in department activities such as program approval process, middle school visits, tour day, etc.
  6. Collaborate with industry, post-secondary and community partners on initiatives related to math and financial management skills
  7. Perform additional professionally related duties as may be assigned by CTE Administration.
Job Qualifications

Permanent/Professional New York State Teaching Certification in mathematics 7-12, Minimum 5 years successful teaching experience. Preferred experience in Algebra or Geometry along with CTE, business or technology courses or industry experience.

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Please apply online at:

Please refer to above Required Application Type to complete before applying.

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