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Job Opening Information Shared Desktop Technician, Full-time position, 12 months/yr.

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Shared Desktop Technician, Full-time position, 12 months/yr.
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School Related Personnel
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According to Board Approved range
Job Description

To provide a single point of contact for end users to receive support and maintenance within the organization’s desktop computing environment. This includes installing, diagnosing, repairing, maintaining, and upgrading all PC/Chromebook hardware and equipment to ensure optimal workstation performance.


  1. Perform onsite analysis, diagnosis, and resolution of complex desktop problems for end users, and recommend and implement corrective solutions, including offsite repair for remote users as needed.
  2. Install, configure, test, maintain, monitor, and troubleshoot end-user workstations and related hardware and software to deliver required desktop service levels.
  3. Assess the need for and implement performance upgrades to PC boxes, including the installation of required parts
  4. Collaborate with LAN technicians/network administrators to ensure efficient operation of the district network & desktop computing environment.
  5. Where required, administer, and resolve issues with associated end-user workstation networking software products.
  6. Receive and respond to incoming calls, pages, and/or e-mails regarding desktop problems.
  7. Ensure that physical desktop connections (i.e. RJ-45 Ethernet jacks, RJ-11 telephone modem jacks, connectors between PCs and servers, etc.) are in proper working order.
  8. Prepare tests and applications for monitoring desktop performance, then provide performance statistics and reports.
  9. Assist in preparing, maintaining, and upholding procedures for logging, reporting, and statistically monitoring desktop operations.
  10. Develop and maintain an inventory of all monitors, keyboards, hard drives, modems, network cards, and other components and equipment.
  11. Accurately document instances of desktop equipment or component failure, repair, installation, and removal.
  12. If necessary, liaise with third-party support and PC equipment vendors.
  13. Any other duties as may be required
Civil Service Title
Network Technician (Competitive)
Job Qualifications

**Monroe County Residency is currently waived

Must possess or meet requirements for Civil Service title of Network Technician.  Two or more years post secondary technical education or applicable technical certification.  Computer operations (software, Windows, MAC OSX, Chrome OS), Network operations, Customer service.

Application Procedure

Please apply online at:

Please refer to above Required Application Type to complete before applying.

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District Wide

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