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Teacher / Admin
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According to Board approved range
Job Description

Part-time, 12 month hourly paid positions with flexible day/evening hours.

HVAC Instructor to provide quality career and technical instruction to post-secondary/adult students to prepare them for a successful career path in the industry.


  1. Prepare daily lesson plans and hands-on projects for the practical application of the curriculum
  2. Maintain accurate records of attendance and student progress
  3. Provide individual and group instruction in the implementation of the job training curriculum
  4. Prepare pre/post tests and performance evaluations for students at the completion of each unit
  5. Order student textbooks, supplies, materials and equipment necessary for the implementation for the job training program
  6. Effective supervision of students
  7. Maintain and modify curriculum to remain current and up to date
  8. Work with the CWD support staff in meeting the instructional and workforce expectations for each adult student enrolled the program and to remain within the standards of the Council on Occupational Education
  9. Maintain all safety standards as mandated by OSHA and the BOCES 2 organization
  10. Monitor work-based experience activities at designated facilities
  11. Monitor employment tracking of students
  12. Consistent and effective program recruitment
Job Qualifications

Certification Requirements:  On the job HVAC experience in a residential or a commercial setting is required.  Candidate should possess relevant industry certifications.  Related teaching experience highly desirable.  

Other Qualifications:  Must be able to use computers for grade management, e-mail, word processing, spreadsheet applications and other applications necessary to fulfill the requirements of the position.

Application Procedure

Please apply online at:

Please refer to above Required Application Type to complete before applying.

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Adult Education Instructors
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District Wide

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