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Job Opening Information SE- HEALTH SUPPORT SPECIALIST, F-T position, 10 mo/yr. plus summer days

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SE- HEALTH SUPPORT SPECIALIST, F-T position, 10 mo/yr. plus summer days
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School Related Personnel
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$44,000 - $62,000/ Year Based on Experience
Job Description

Ten (10) months/year, plus summer days.

Provide technical assistance and professional development to NYS school health personnel and those providing oversight for school health services (Pre-K-Transition), consistent with NYS laws, regulations, and guidelines within a framework of a coordinated school health model. Additional duties as assigned by the Director in compliance with work plan objectives.


Professional & Web-Based Development

  • Development and delivery of 1-day seminar/update each year
  • Assist with the creation of webinars
  • Design and implement professional development programs for school health professionals that utilize a variety of training approaches and are consistent with research and best practices.
  • Navigate the front and back end of a website

Technical & Web-Based Assistance

  • Provide ongoing technical assistance to school health professionals, administrators, and parents/guardians via telephone, and email communication in a timely (within 24 - 48 hours) manner.
  • Use technology for communication and increased access to informational research on best practices and professional development.
  • Provide information and resources to assist schools in developing policies and procedures

Survey Administration

  • Work with NYSED to conduct the CDC surveys: School Health Profiles (SHP) and Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS)
  • YRBS includes:
    • Assist health educator with class selection process and collection of surveys
    • Provide support and on-site administration as needed
    • Keep a log of communication with schools
    • Assemble packages and distribute survey materials to schools
    • Collect, coordinate, and prepare completed surveys to send to another agency
  • SHP includes:
    • Disseminate surveys via mail or electronic means
    • Provide technical assistance to school for survey completion
    • Follow up with contacts to assure receipt of surveys
    • Keep logs of all communications with schools
    • Collect, coordinate, and prepare completed surveys to send to another agency

Other Duties as Assigned by Director (TBD)

Civil Service Title
School Nurse (Non-Competitive)
Job Qualifications

NYS License as Registered Professional Nurse. BS degree in nursing or related health field preferred. Minimum five years experience in nursing with two years in school health nursing, pediatric, or community health.

Required Knowledge and Abilities

  1. Knowledge of education and health systems, environmental issues, and national, state, and local trends in school health.
  2. Experience providing school health services at the school and district levels.
  3. Ability to communicate effectively and work cooperatively with groups and individuals.
  4. Knowledge of growth and development, health problems and interventions for school-age children and youth, and behavioral risks.
  5. Knowledge of current trends and practice standards in nursing and the health care delivery system.
  6. Ability to design and conduct research, data collection, and analysis.
  7. Strong technical skills to navigate and update a website.
  8. Knowledge of email communication systems.
  9. Experience using software applications such as MS Office: Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Understanding MS Publisher and Excel at a basic level are required. Experience with SurveyMonkey® software is desirable. 
  10. Effective communication and decision-making skills.
  11. Ability to manage multiple projects concurrently.
  12. Experience in website management is desirable.
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