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Job Opening Information ADULT EDUCATION INSTRUCTOR - CDL Instructor (Class A & B), P-T Hourly, Days, Evenings, Saturdays

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ADULT EDUCATION INSTRUCTOR - CDL Instructor (Class A & B), P-T Hourly, Days, Evenings, Saturdays
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Teacher / Admin
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According to Board approved range
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Effective ASAP

Monroe 2-Orlenas BOCES is seeking highly motivated individuals who have served locally and nationally as a commercial driver, to share their knowledge and experiences with those individuals who are training to get their CDL.  Successful candidates will provide instruction in the theory and daily operation of commercial vehicles such as big rig vehicles, trucks, tractor trailers, commercial bus drivers and school bus drivers.


  • Preparing and delivering instructional material to assist students to learn how to safely and effectively drive tractor trailers, commercial busses and school busses.
  • Develop course outlines, lesson plans and assessments
  • Provide instructional support for students so that they are able to knowledgeably move through the NYS CDL testing process, including test preparation.
  • Use a variety of learning materials and equipment to properly monitor and assess student performance.
  • Use relevant technology to support instruction.
  • Observe and evaluate student performance and development.
  • Providing appropriate feedback during instruction.
  • Maintaining accurate and complete records of student development and progress throughout the CDL Process.
  • Provide appropriate on-road guidance and driving instructor to ensure student use of vehicles.
  • Maintain all safety standards as mandated the BOCES 2 organization
  • Performing other duties as requested.
Job Qualifications

Candidates must:

  • Be 21 years of age, or older
  • Two or more years of experience as a commercial driver
  • Have a High School or equivalency diploma
  • A valid NYS driver’s license (Class A or Class B)
  • Acceptable drivers’ record
  • Eligible to attain an adult education certification

Other Qualifications:

Must be able to use computers for grade management, e-mail, word processing, spreadsheet applications and other applications necessary to fulfill the requirements of the position.

Application Procedure

Please apply online at:

Please refer to above Required Application Type to complete before applying.

Job Category
Adult Education Instructors
Job Location
District Wide

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